Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Fab Five

Taking note from Miss Couturable and of course Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, I've decided to create a series of 5 things that have intrigued me (which hopefully will also intrigue you) over the past week. These things will be incorporated into The Fab Five which will be featured every Sunday.

  1. Strolling through Barnes & Noble, I made my way over to the Fashion section in which I found the Details Men's Style Manual. The book, a guide on what men can wear with what, definitely piqued my interest. I quickly made my way up to the counter where the manual itself held a somewhat hefty sticker price (at least for a modest size book): $30. Seeing as it was written by Details head-honcho himself Daniel Peres, I had no problem paying. A simple how-to on everything from V-necks to swimming trunks, I recommend every guy own one. Ladies, do your boyfriends a favor and purchase one today. He'll thank you in the long run.
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  2. Full-Finger Rings? Sounds fabulous! Rihanna was seen at the BET Awards sporting the Vivienne Westwood creations. Your thoughts?
  3. J. Crew is having their final sale. Think the last 20% off was nice? How about cashmere sweaters for $39.99? Yes, please! Perfect for the Pre-Fall transition. Hit the sale before all the preps get word.
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  4. The Prada Fall Collection for shoes & handbags opened on this week. The Nappa A Hobo caught my eye while browsing the site. I would describe the bag as a licorice-graphite colored hobo with ruching that makes it appear to have flower detailing. At $2,120, let's see how long it takes Blair or Serena to trot down 5th Avenue with one.
  5. Vh1's You Outta Know Artist Adele has come out with a quite catchy song, "Chasing Pavements." It's got hints of pop and soul among its addicting lyrics. If you're looking for a motivational song and are looking to "dig deep," I recommend purchasing it on iTunes or listening to it on her Myspace.

I just want to thank everyone for all the comments you've given me on my introduction. I do appreciate all of my readers and hope you will all continue to check back daily. Let's keep those comments rolling!

Le Chic Garçon

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Keep your memories close, your friends closer

It is that time of year in which the friends you have now become more and more despondant--even after frank, desperate attempts to try to reach them. You've heard your older friends talking about their best friends drifting away, and even your parents--the ones you know are there to protect you, tell you it's inevitable. Summer, what you've been longing for while your head has been burried in homework and reading assignments, has taken the form of all in which is evil: seperation.

Those with and without transportation can relate. The feeling that although you talk to eachother online or on the phone, not seeing one another is tearing your friendship apart--not to mention making every phone conversation short and awkward. You quietly ask yourself "What happened? All of our memories...does that person even care that we're drifting apart?" The truth is, that person is asking themselves the same thing too.

Not only is giving up your dreams not an option, giving up your friends is simply unthinkable. It is time to intervene. Go to a little boutique and ask if they can engrave some sort of friendship necklace or bracelet. Or, make your way over to the nearest department store and purchase a bottle of Clinique Happy with a picture of you and your friend to have imprinted into the bottle. Even has friendship portrait necklaces in which you can have a picture of you and your friend placed into it. Do not wait for a birthday or holiday to give your friend the gift, as it is time to act on your friendship now.
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From personal experience, losing friends is never worth it. The memories you and your friend have will be there when you dream and will haunt you when you're vulnerable. Take the effort to give them the gift, as the gesture alone will be a reason for you both to meet up. Every time they see the friendship necklace or even smell the perfume, they'll think of you. Although memories are dear, they're not tangible. They can't be there to comfort you when you feel like you're all alone as a best friend can. Look to the future with your friend as you value the past. Praise, cherish, and remember the memories you have shared together, but never forget to continue to plan future memories. Keep your memories close, but keep your friends closer.

Le Chic Garçon

Friday, June 27, 2008

Introduction: Le Chic Garçon

I'm a 16 year old impetuous fashionista living in a suburban town where the only fashion references are that of the adoration of Juicy Couture. A place where world-reknowned designers like Yves Saint Laurent or Miuccia Prada are commonly uncelebrated--not to mention mispronounced. Somewhere where you, my dear fashion bloggers may call suburban Georgia--or, Fashion Hell. I will not say I know everything about fashion, however I will say that I proudly display my affection for the art that comes only with years of study and, of course, shopping. In a school filled with Hollister tees and Juicy tracksuits, I stand out, proudly clutching my assortment of various fashion publications while making my way to studious AP classes. Enlivened by what is beautiful in life, I'm here to blog about my journey to becoming a pave pounding New York fashionista while documenting all the roadblocks and challenges that face me ahead. Oh and did I mention I'm a boy?

I'm here to proudly push my designer loafer through the door of a majority-ruled woman's world, where men like Vogue's Hamish Bowles and Andre Leon Talley are a rarity. Given the fact that I have a long road ahead of me, there's nothing better than documenting my struggle to become one of fashion's elite, all while fighting off the books assigned by numerous AP classes and relishing in the beauty that is runway collections and various outfits and accessories I may come across. The ultimate light at the end of the tunnel, I'm writing to prove that no matter what happens, giving up your dream is just not an option. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said "The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going." I do not only dream by this quote, I live by it.

Le Chic Garçon