Saturday, June 28, 2008

Keep your memories close, your friends closer

It is that time of year in which the friends you have now become more and more despondant--even after frank, desperate attempts to try to reach them. You've heard your older friends talking about their best friends drifting away, and even your parents--the ones you know are there to protect you, tell you it's inevitable. Summer, what you've been longing for while your head has been burried in homework and reading assignments, has taken the form of all in which is evil: seperation.

Those with and without transportation can relate. The feeling that although you talk to eachother online or on the phone, not seeing one another is tearing your friendship apart--not to mention making every phone conversation short and awkward. You quietly ask yourself "What happened? All of our memories...does that person even care that we're drifting apart?" The truth is, that person is asking themselves the same thing too.

Not only is giving up your dreams not an option, giving up your friends is simply unthinkable. It is time to intervene. Go to a little boutique and ask if they can engrave some sort of friendship necklace or bracelet. Or, make your way over to the nearest department store and purchase a bottle of Clinique Happy with a picture of you and your friend to have imprinted into the bottle. Even has friendship portrait necklaces in which you can have a picture of you and your friend placed into it. Do not wait for a birthday or holiday to give your friend the gift, as it is time to act on your friendship now.
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From personal experience, losing friends is never worth it. The memories you and your friend have will be there when you dream and will haunt you when you're vulnerable. Take the effort to give them the gift, as the gesture alone will be a reason for you both to meet up. Every time they see the friendship necklace or even smell the perfume, they'll think of you. Although memories are dear, they're not tangible. They can't be there to comfort you when you feel like you're all alone as a best friend can. Look to the future with your friend as you value the past. Praise, cherish, and remember the memories you have shared together, but never forget to continue to plan future memories. Keep your memories close, but keep your friends closer.

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La Femme Chic said...

wow thats amazing, i want to go buy friendship bracelets now! you are a fabulous writer, i was inspired after reading your first post. I am linking you and I intend to read every post in the future.
: )

ally said...

wow. i agree you are a great writer.
i loved this post, i recently lost a friend, permenantly.
seeing that thing with the perfume bottles is making me want to go find her perfume (i think that was one of the things her mom gave me) and do this with a pic of us back when she still looked like a person.