Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No Fear of Chic

School. The word itself sends shivers down even the bravest student's spine. As the hour of reason quickly approaches, we find ourselves digging through sample sales for coveted pre-fall items at fabulous discounted prices. Dresses, skinnies, cardigans, oh my! While bouncing between stores, we search for just one piece such as a schoolboy blazer or even skinny-style khaki pants that will compliment various looks. We look for items that will make us unique, both to ourselves but also to our teachers so they may catch a glimpse of who we are through what we wear.

But, what my dear readers, stops so many other girls in your own school (who for the most part wear monotonous outfits viaHollister Co.) from getting these fantastic deals you're finding downstairs at J. Crew or Club Monaco? It's of course because the real teen frenzy is upstairs at Abercrombie & Fitch. Peer pressure much?

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Vogue did an article last year on "No Fear of Chic" in which abandons all fashion "rules" through which society is built upon. They encourage one to, if they please, lounge in a ballroom gown by Oscar De La Renta or go for coffee in Chanel Couture. Why not? These foundations can be applied to the principles of buying outfits for school. For the most part, many girls do not want to be "singled out" for what they're wearing in fear of rejection by peers. "What if someone thinks this schoolboy blazer is too manly?", "What if these heels make me look like I'm trying too hard?" This thought process can prevent girls from buying what they truly know is in style. In many cases, teen girls refuse to wear heels unless the occassion calls for them. Why is this? Why so scared?

It is fear of chic. The only explanation. Although many girls read magazines like Teen Vogue which religously pairs heels with outfits for editorials, it is simply the fear of taking a risk that stops many girls from dressing up for school. It's time for it all too end.

It is time to gain the confidence it takes to wear whatever you want to school, and be proud to do so. It is true, not everyone will like what you're wearing, but that's life. If someone doesn't like it, that's fine, because you do, and that's all that matters. When I walk in to school I pray to see girls wearing lovely outfits paired with confident heels or scholarly flats. Never be afraid to show people who you are through your style, because I cannot stress enough, through personal experience, that your toughest critic is, and always will be, yourself.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hiatus until July 29th!

Hi guys!

I know I havn't updated in awhile, and that's because I've been very busy hosting a French exchange student at my house! Please come back on the 29th for a brand new post. Please, keep checking back daily. I will update at least every other day and do not want to have to annoy people on forums to attract attention! If you have any questions, I will continue to check the comments of the blog! Thanks!

Le Chic Garcon

Saturday, July 5, 2008

J'adore: Doo.Ri

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Doo-Ri Chung has recently cememented herself amongst fashion's elite--so why is it then, that girls like Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen have never heard of her? Unlike many designers before her, Doo-Ri does not obligate herself in means of becoming wealthy and famous. Although it would of course be a plus, Doo-Ri maintains the focus many wealthy people are known to lack in which requires one to dedicate themselves entirely to a collection. Perhaps it is for this reason that Doo-Ri spent four years in the basement of her parents dry-cleaning business designing now illustrious collections.

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Her styles are by definition posh yet by all means wearable. Doo-Ri herself has promised to stand by her slim-fitted take on the Little Black Dress--perhaps an ode to Audrey Hepburn or a device in which will characterize her line for generations to come. Either way, I can only say, I love it! The only thing that sets a designer apart from many is through their dedication to what is classic while also staying consistent with trends. It is this equal balance that truly defines a fashion designer.

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Luckily, Doo-Ri has reached that milestone and has even surpassed it. Not only does she maintain that equal balance, but she takes risks in fashion that are necessary to reach into the more trendy market. I applaud the designer for her take on Fall's Classic Peacoat--a leather trench-coat hybrid that encorporates a cloak-like neckline and a flattering cinched waist. And I'm not even mentioning her recently unveiled first Resort collection for 2009 as well as her new Fall 2008 Doo.Ri line for shoes. Bravo, Doo-Ri, bravo!

I challenge you all to go to and browse the Doo.Ri collections. Not only does she stick steadfastly with her clientele by reinvention, one line never appears to be congruent to another. Hopefully, those of you planning to attend Teen Vogue Fashion U will meet with designer Doo-Ri Chung to discuss her inspirational story of how she went from Geoffrey Beene's lead designer to being a private dressmaker into being head of her own fashion line and Vogue's CFDA 2006 winner. Those who are not attenting Fashion U, I recommend ordering Seamless, a documentary on the finalists of the CFDA Fashion Fund Award which includes Doo-Ri among other now well-known designers. Proenza Schouler anyone? Yes, please!

Le Chic Garçon

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar!

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First bellowed by Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker, Oscar De La Renta has become more than just a household name, but a full-fledged red carpet classic. Praised in 2007 for his bubble dresses, Oscar brings home the gold once again with his beautiful evening gowns in an assortment of lovely prints and hues. Kicking off Spring style with Resort 2009, De La Renta shows his dedication to nature through leaf-like ruching and eclectic attention to detail.

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De La Renta pronounced "It is a very happy collection." As our economy continues to capsize and more and more people are left without jobs, we Americans definitely need a collection that looks to the future, and who better to take us there than Oscar himself? After all, he has been known to be very much of trendsetter who continues to reinvent the past but always give patronage to the future. Perhaps we can look at Oscar's collection in the way citizens look to superheroes, however trade Utility Belts for lovely, large earth-toned ones and bullet-proof spandex for heroic yet very voluminous skirts. I think with this collection, many women across the land will be calling, "Oh Oscar, save me!"

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High-waisted bottoms, sculptural tops and florals galore, De La Renta knows just how to take us from our Dries-tastic autumn into Spring '09 while maintaining an easy-going transition yet also alluding to Fall's high-fashion edge. What better way to transition into spring than with slim yet chic shift dresses? I just have one thing to say: "Oscar darling, you've done it again!"

Le Chic Garçon

PS: I apologize for not updating these past few days. My relatives came in this week and I've been working very hard on my Teen Vogue Fashion U application. I hope to see some fellow bloggers meet up for some 5th Avenue shopping after our fabulous seminars where we meet some of fashion's hardest hitters! In the mean time, don't forget to comment!