Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar!

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First bellowed by Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker, Oscar De La Renta has become more than just a household name, but a full-fledged red carpet classic. Praised in 2007 for his bubble dresses, Oscar brings home the gold once again with his beautiful evening gowns in an assortment of lovely prints and hues. Kicking off Spring style with Resort 2009, De La Renta shows his dedication to nature through leaf-like ruching and eclectic attention to detail.

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De La Renta pronounced "It is a very happy collection." As our economy continues to capsize and more and more people are left without jobs, we Americans definitely need a collection that looks to the future, and who better to take us there than Oscar himself? After all, he has been known to be very much of trendsetter who continues to reinvent the past but always give patronage to the future. Perhaps we can look at Oscar's collection in the way citizens look to superheroes, however trade Utility Belts for lovely, large earth-toned ones and bullet-proof spandex for heroic yet very voluminous skirts. I think with this collection, many women across the land will be calling, "Oh Oscar, save me!"

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High-waisted bottoms, sculptural tops and florals galore, De La Renta knows just how to take us from our Dries-tastic autumn into Spring '09 while maintaining an easy-going transition yet also alluding to Fall's high-fashion edge. What better way to transition into spring than with slim yet chic shift dresses? I just have one thing to say: "Oscar darling, you've done it again!"

Le Chic Garçon

PS: I apologize for not updating these past few days. My relatives came in this week and I've been working very hard on my Teen Vogue Fashion U application. I hope to see some fellow bloggers meet up for some 5th Avenue shopping after our fabulous seminars where we meet some of fashion's hardest hitters! In the mean time, don't forget to comment!


mary said...

I love seeing fresh and classic collections like these! I'm SO done with grunge, it's nice to see put togetherness!

:) I like the way you write! i'll link you when I'm not lazy as hell... Deal? Haha.

lechicgarçon said...

oh, deal girlfriend!

geraldine said...

i like it! :]
your writing is nice and readable and i LOVE the header of your blog, it's really cute.
keep up the good work!

ally said...

the orange dress is amazing.
must find! must find!

(it would make a good wedding dress in a champagne or white color)

oui fashionista said...

i adore your blog! its so chic and fresh would you be willing to link up. I adore the orange dress but dont you think the 2nd outfit, the ruffly sleeveless blouse with the pleated skirt just to die for. It would have looked amazing in the devil wears prada film.

Bananas Diary said...

I like Oscar De La Renta very much.

Your header is great:)

Ash said...

I adoree Oscar de la Renta, and yes I did get inspired by it. You're a very talented writer, by the way. :)

icon said...

oh, i love oscar. infact i just bought an oscar de la renta scarf yesterday. Anyways i love your writing style and your blog! mind if i link you?

lechicgarçon said...

Anyone is able to link me! I'm still figuring out how to link others, but one day I will sit down and link blogs that I really enjoy.