Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hiatus until July 29th!

Hi guys!

I know I havn't updated in awhile, and that's because I've been very busy hosting a French exchange student at my house! Please come back on the 29th for a brand new post. Please, keep checking back daily. I will update at least every other day and do not want to have to annoy people on forums to attract attention! If you have any questions, I will continue to check the comments of the blog! Thanks!

Le Chic Garcon


Anonymous said...

Why should we check back daily if you're not posting anything new until the 29th?

lechicgarçon said...

Oh, I'm sorry I should have clarified. I meant keep checking back after the 29th--which is when I'll start blogging again :) Sorry for the confusion!

Anonymous said...

i luv ur blog
luv fashion too
u talk to a futur editor in chief!!!!
oh i dont introduce me
my namz mima
from france!!
thats all!!

Sarah said...

J'adore your blog. Its very easy to read and digs deeper into the industry than most other blogs. bravo!

Anonymous said...

To lechicgarçon: I got it! Thanks! xo

Nay'Chelle said...

Have fun with your exchange student. Can't wait for your return!

mary said...

Exchange student! Does that mean you might to to France?